Decorations for 50th Wedding Anniversary Cakes

pictures of 50th wedding anniversary cakes

There are many ideas that you can equip for your 50th wedding anniversary cakes. Wedding anniversary is great day that deserve for you to celebrate. There are many ideas that you can do for this 50th anniversary. Basically, it is thank giving celebration for the wedding that has been running well so far. Among many ideas that most people equip, celebrating with cake is the most popular idea. However, decoration cakes for wedding anniversary itself have so many designs. Here are some designs that may inspire you.

From the first designs of the 50th wedding anniversary cakes, you may be interested in elegant rose and gold 50th wedding anniversary cakes. You can easily identify this cake since this cake has resettled on the bottom tier. Besides, the gold cake stands steady with crystal details. This cake will make your 50th anniversary feel more classy and luxurious. Thus, this cake really deserve for you to try.

People usually call the50th anniversary as golden anniversary. It is obvious of gold are dominating the color, and it is as shown by gold hexagon 50th wedding anniversary cakes. This cake equips hexagon shapes as the main shape. You will have about five cakes level here. These levels have different size for each level. Besides, golden chocolate coats the entire sides of the cakes. It will be your interesting party if you have this 50th wedding anniversary cakes in your party.

Completing with proper ornaments for your 50th wedding anniversary cakes will be another interesting idea. You can equip many things to decorate your cake. For instance, you can equip red roses to decorate the upper part of your cake. Besides, you can also equip beautiful ribbon to make it more beautiful. Just like another cake, you will not have cake without toping.

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Gallery of Decorations for 50th Wedding Anniversary Cakes