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Bethany Hamilton is known that she already married with Christian youth minister Adam Dirks. Bethany who lost her arm now you can see her real smile that she has married to Adam Dirks. Well, in her wedding she tried a dozen of beautiful gown for her chic appearance. You might not believe that she was actually really wonderful wearing her chic wedding dress. Bethany Hamilton wedding dress is really beautiful. She tried more gowns for her chic wedding appearance with her best couple.

Bethany Hamilton wedding was really waited by most people. Well, she is really great hero and wonder woman that finally got her prince. Bethany Hamilton married with Christian youth Adam Dirks, well she actually has recognized with her couple since in 2012 and now she and he finally announced their great moment in their life. Although you know that Bethany Hamilton had lost her arm, but she looks pretty with her beautiful gown.

Surfing is not the most important thing life. Well, this might be great quote for Bethany Hamilton. Shark did not bite her love, she officially married and it would be great news for most Bethany Hamilton’s fans. The good news finally heard by most people. Bethany Hamilton wedding was great and normally as the other one. However, she tried gowns and she looked really pretty with her various gown that she had worn in her best wedding ceremony.

People might be interested for Bethany Hamilton wedding. Her great wedding ceremony had been shown by most people. Well, Bethany Hamilton could be great woman’s inspiration for another woman. She is stiff and confident with her appearance and she do not ashamed. Now everyone must be proud heard that Bethany Hamilton was married with great and handsome prince, they are really great couple in the world.

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